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By Matthew • November 8th, 2021 (*)Spotify

Here's How To Play Spotify While Gaming On Practically Any Device

Here's How to Play Spotify While Gaming on Practically Any Device

 Spotify is one of the largest music streaming platforms available today. It has over 
5,000 genres , 70 million songs, and a whopping 4 billion playlists. With it, you can play music perfect for everything from early morning drives to gaming. If you want to enhance the gaming experience with your own music, you might be wondering how to seamlessly integrate Spotify into the mix. Here�s how you can play Spotify with ease on a number of gaming platforms.

Windows 10

Windows 10's game bar has a lot of handy gaming options, and you can unlock an extra feature if you have the Spotify Windows app installed. Simply press Windows+G, click the widget icon beside the clock, select Spotify in the drop down menu, and log into your account on the pop-up window. By doing so, you�ll get a Spotify widget if you open the game bar while playing, and you don't need to exit full-screen mode to control it. Don�t forget to invest in a good USB 
PC gaming headset  to get the most out of your new setup. USB headsets like the SteelSeries Arctis Pro naturally have fast frequency responses and distortion resistance for hearing clear and crisp in-game sounds and are comfortable enough to wear for long gaming sessions.

PS4 and PS5

To get started, download Spotify from the PlayStation Store and log in. While gaming, hold the PS button on your controller to access Spotify�s playback settings from the Quick Menu. On the PS5, the DualSense controller's haptic feedback offers you an extra option. This feature, which replicates the "near-real" texture of in-game encounters, can help you feel your music after you tweak some settings via PC. Plug the controller in with a USB-C cord, install the driver on your screen, click the speaker icon on the lower right corner, and set your desired volume output. Next, go to Control Panel > Sound > Properties > Enhancement and select "Speaker Fill.� Restart Spotify, and you�re all set. Choose a sound system with extra bass, like the Samsung HW-A650 or the HyperX Cloud Alpha, to enhance the haptic effect. Not every USB headset will work on the PS, so purchase a high quality wired one like the Astro A40.

Xbox One

 After downloading Spotify on the Xbox Store, launch the app and log in. If you start playing music at this point, it'll continue to play, even if you open a game. Control Spotify in-game by pressing the Xbox button on your controller, then clicking the Spotify icon at the top of the Home tab to access the app's playback settings. The Xbox is uniquely compatible with soundbars like the Sonos Playbar, which you can use for better sound quality. Though not a complete sound system, they're cheaper and easier to install. Much like the PS, the Xbox One is better off with a wired headset that can directly be connected to its controller.

Oculus Quest

 Spotify is not exactly available on Oculus, but you can still jam to your favorite tunes in VR. Just wear your headset, open the built-in browser, and head to Log in and choose what you want to play. After launching a game, the music will stop � but don't worry, this is only temporary! Simply use Spotify Connect from your phone or PC, select "Mobile Web Player," and music will start to play from your VR headset once more. If you want a more enveloping sound, try plugging lightweight earphones, like the Logitech G333 
VR gaming earphones , into the Quest's headphone jack.
 Ultimately, setting up Spotify for gaming on a variety of platforms is a breeze. In fact, the things you can do with Spotify are endless. You can check out our blog for more Spotify 
tips and tricks !



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