Spotify Duplicator

Duplicate up to 1000 songs from one playlist with ease.
This tool will also remove duplicates from playlists!
Click the button below to start using our playlist duplicator.

What can our tool offer?

Duplicate any Spotify playlist (aka 'Copy spotify playlist', 'Duplicate spotify playlist', 'Spotify playlist duplicator', 'how to copy spotify playlist')
We also allow you to fully modify the playlist, from tracks it'll include to its name! (Yes, we know it's amazing.)
Our tools allows you to easily duplicate songs in one playlist and put it into another one (ur own one).
It can be as easy as two clicks, but we aswell allow you to manipulate with the playlist a little bit more.

Playlist details

See details about the playlist right after you click 'Duplicate'.
Playlist details

Manage the songs

Manage playlist
Manage the songs and exclude any song you dislike from the export. You can also search them by name, artist/s or length.

Modify the playlist

Modify the playlist just as you want it to be.
Why not to change name of the playlist, aren't we right?
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