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By Matthew • January 12th, 2021 • Useful tips

How to copy any Spotify playlist with ease

We'll show you how to easily copy any playlist you can find on Spotify in this post.
For this we'll be using our playlist duplicator tool.

We'll need two things to make this possible:
1. Link to the playlist (learn how to get it here)
2. Our tool

Let's get started

1. Log into our awesome tool using one of the two login buttons (if not logged in already)
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2. Enter url of the playlist you have in your clipboard
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3. Click on duplicate and wait for the playlist to be loaded
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Excluding tracks that you don't like

You can exclude any track that you don't like from the playlist checking the 'Exclude' checkbox.
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Modyfing the playlist

You can modify the playlist name, description, image and even publicity.
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Saving the playlist

1. Click on 'Duplicate Playlist'
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2. Wait for the success message
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3. Check that the playlist is there
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You can repeat the steps above with pretty much any playlist you select or find.

Perfect! Now we copied the playlist without adding songs into your playlist one by one!


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